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Our Staff

Board Members

Lola Martinez Argón

Board Member

Lawyer and expert in international cooperation with extensive experience in the non-profit sector. She has masters degrees in law and international cooperation, as well as several expert courses in humanitarian assistance. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in local development based on the Malawian and Burundian agri-food system. She worked as a lawyer at Clifford Chance and as a project manager at Fundación Pro Bono España….

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Yvette Munezero

Board Member

Yvette is the vice-chairman of the Board of Directors. As a lawyer, she has 5 years’ experience in legal aid (criminal, civil and business), corporate consultancy and representation.

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Diane Ndonse

Board Member

Diane is the secretary to the Board members. Journalist for over 15 years, working for local and international media. Through her various training courses and positions in different institutions, she has experience in management, gender and development, and media campaigns for social change.

Our Team

Hugues Hardy Ruremesha

Founder & Executive director

Hugues Hardy Ruremesha brings over 9 years of dedicated experience in community development to his role as the Founder and Executive Director of Spring Communities, a non-profit organization committed to fostering community resilience….

Ndacayisaba Coca Epitace

Communications manager

Burundian humanitarian photographer and passionate storyteller, Epitace is much more oriented towards portraying communities’ stories through images to support, protect and defend the fundamental rights of children and young people using organizational, communication and public relations skills….

Alice Kankindi

Field manager

Alice has been passionate and committed to promoting women’s leadership since 2016. She served as Vice Legal Representative for the Association for the Promotion of Burundian Girls….

Ndanga Renaud Juvency

Operation Manager

Juvency is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling all activities in support of relationships with existing stakeholders, volunteers and staff so that objectives are achieved on time, in full, with care and at an acceptable cost in the short and medium term….

Mulindwa Rubuga Marc

Artistic Director

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mulindwa Rubuga Marc has been passionate about the art of dance since a young age, influenced by his uncles. In 2010, he joined the traditional dance group Vira, MAKINAKALANZI, where he practiced traditional dances from the Eastern DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi, blending them with his love for Rock inspired by Michael Jackson….

Igiraneza J. Claude

Coommunication Assistant

Igiraneza is a vital member of the communication team, playing a crucial role in IT and technical matters. With expertise spanning IT, graphic design, videography, photography, and various maintenance tasks within Spring Communities, Igiraneza brings a diverse skill set to the table….

Ihabwiteka Christella Ellenita

Executive Assistant

Christella Ellenita Ihabwiteka assumes the role of Administrative Assistant at Spring Communities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Administration from the Université Lumière de Bujumbura, which has given her a solid knowledge base in business management….

Kagwiza Digne Elsa

Gender Equality and inclusion Project manager

Elsa Digne, a project manager specialized in gender equality and inclusion, plays a crucial role within SPRING COMMUNITIES by enhancing women’s socio-economic leadership.
Her commitment involves actively engaging women in various community initiatives, thus promoting their empowerment and fulfillment in society….

Oswald Ndacayisaba

Empowering Youth together, Project Manager

Oswald holds a Master’s degree in Socio-Anthropology, following his studies in Clinical and Social Psychology as well as Philosophy. His expertise primarily focuses on mental health, cognitive and behavioral psychology of children and adolescents in learning situations, EMDR approach, socio-anthropological research, trauma management, and child protection….

Hervé Burakeye

Finances & Human Resources Manager

Hervé has been a member of the staff since 2020. Inspired from a young age by the industrial society in which he grew up, he has always aspired to become a business manager….

Espérance Ndayikunda

Executive Assistant

My name is Esperance NDAYIKUNDA, and I hold an A2 diploma in Management and Administration. I completed my first internship at the Bank of the Republic of Burundi. Additionally, I have received training in entrepreneurship (vicoba) and PEAS. I have worked as an investigator for FAWE BURUNDI and OCHA Burundi. Currently, I am employed at Spring Communities….

Patrick Nkurunziza

Director of the Artistic Center

He was a facilitator of work camps and training at Centre Jeunes Kamenge but olso i was giving english lessons.
I worked as a volunteer in a Community Radio Station as a journalist reporter and broadcast Host…

Hashimwiyaturagiye Arclaine

Head Of Hub Innovation

Arclaine HASHIMWIYATURAGIYE spearheads projects focused on recycling plastic waste to empower young individuals socio-economically. With a strong background in Public Economics and Planning, Arclaine is equipped with skills in business plan development and small business management….

Ange Aniella Ingabire

Field Manager, Bakure Neza Project

Ange Aniella Ingabire is a dynamic professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Management from International Leadership University (2017-2020). She has a dedicated and passionate background in administrative support and humanitarian coordination, driven by a commitment to education, gender equality, and youth empowerment…