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Our Organizational Culture

At our organization, we strongly believe in the potential of each individual to contribute towards a shared objective. We highly value and acknowledge the efforts of our employees, offering recognition and rewards to boost their motivation and overall morale. Furthermore, we embrace the power of diversity in enriching our work environment. By embracing a range of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, we create an inclusive and stimulating atmosphere that positively influences the success of our organization as a whole. Our leadership approach is centered around strength and inspiration. We instill confidence, motivate, and guide our employees to effectively work towards achieving our organizational goals.

Le recyclage valorisant des déchets plastiques pour l’autonomisation sociale et économique

Cette vidéo baseline montre là où on commence avec le projet de la valorisation des déchets plastiques financé par l’ambassade de France au Burundi à travers le programme des projets innovants des sociétés civiles et de coalition d’acteurs (PISCCA en sigle). Ce projet vise à contribuer à l’autonomisation socio-économique des jeunes par la valorisation des déchets plastiques.

The Spring Podcast 02 || Why should we become an entrepreneur?

In this video, coach Ndihokubwayo Anicet from Bujumbura Business Park discussed with young members from HI Lycée Sainte Famille Kinama on the importance of becoming an entrepreneur and what to consider when thinking of starting out as an entrepreneur. (Stay tuned!)

Empowering Burundian Youth: Innovative Education Through Comics

Young people from HI (Hub d’Inspiration) Kamenge, and others in 6 HIs in Bujumbura Mairie and the province of Bujumbura, are exploring topics from the educational tool “INDERO YACU URUHARA RWANJE” developed by Spring Communities in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research in Burundi and funded by KIYO. Spring Communities is promoting the use of comics in schools to add on the effort of the government to upgrade the education system. With vibrant illustrations and storytelling, it is easy to capture the attention of young readers, making complex topics more engaging and accessible. Activities such as discussing comic book stories allows us to promote interactive and participatory learning. By using this educational tool presented in the form of a comic book, Spring Communities, with partners, is effectively raising awareness and developing a deeper understanding of different topics among the youth in Burundi, encouraging them to become active participants in sustainable development.