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Hope In Our Communities

Educating youth with life skills to build a resilient community.

Youth’s contribution to building resilient communities and driving progress is indispensable. However, the lack of access to quality education and skills development forms a huge gap to that achievement.

Developing and using educational tools in schools and communities

Creation of livelihood opportunities through our artistic center

Our Impact

Improving the quality of learning through curricula and learning structures increases the school completion rate, with 95% of young people in learning environments completing secondary education. 60% of young people at our vocational arts training centre managed to set up their own businesses and make a decent living from their art.


Children reached


Young people reached


Women reached

Plastic Waste Recycling

Spring Communities’ mission is to improve the social and economic status of marginalized communities by embracing livelihoods for a resilient community

Value-added recycling of plastic waste contributes to goal 2 for job creation and capacity building of our 2024-2028 strategic plan.

Intervention areas