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PWR(Plastic Waste Recycling)


  • Plastic waste mismanagement ( In Burundi, in the Bujumbura town hall, it is stated that out of 630 tons of waste produced daily, around 51 tons is plastic waste)
  • Unemployment and lack of opportunities for young people on the job market
  • Lack of a pen production unit for the local market


We have created a plastic waste system collection that enables private households,individuals and businesses to dispose of their waste responsibly. we have also set up a recycling system where we transform plastic waste into pens, creating jobs and promoting environmental protection. This initiative supports disadvantaged children with school materials, ensuring quality education for all.

Business Model

Market analysis

We have identified indirect competitors, but we have competitive advantages due to the quality of our products, which are durable,eco-friendly, affordable; and our commitment to the local community.


Our team is made up of young people who are passionate about protecting the environment, trained in recycling and who have creative art skills.