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Training and learning tools for teachers, students and communities

Spring Communities works to strengthen educational environments, such as schools and extracurricular activities, to help improve the quality of education. 

This work began in Burundi in 2013 with leadership and entrepreneurship coaching for young high school and university students. 

Today, Spring Communities has been able to set up school reinforcement structures in schools, collaborate with Burundi’s Ministry of Education and Scientific Research in the creation of curricula to strengthen learners’ skills and improve the quality of learning. 

Based on its experience, Spring Communities is currently working with the Department of Curricula, Innovation and Pedagogy to extend its approaches and reach a larger number of students in schools. Through our partnership with the ministry in charge, Spring Communities is helping to strengthen the education system and improve the quality of education and training provision by developing curricula for teaching. These curricula strengthen teaching in extra-curricular activities and promote academic and vocational guidance. 

Spring communities works both with schools and within the Burundian education system and is able to collaborate with African countries and communities to innovate in the introduction of new educational solutions that take account of the learner’s environment (cultural identity, society, community) and differentiated needs.