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Hugues Hardy Ruremesha

Founder & Executive Director

Hugues Hardy Ruremesha brings over 9 years of dedicated experience in community development to his role as the Founder and Executive Director of Spring Communities, a non-profit organization committed to fostering community resilience.

Drawing from his upbringing in an underprivileged community and inspired by his early experiences as a boy scout, Hardy has been driven by a passion for serving others since a young age. Despite his desire to live among street children at just 9 years old, he was encouraged by his mother, a teacher, to pursue his education with the promise that he would find a way to help them later. True to his word, Hardy founded Spring Communities at the age of 21, harnessing the power of youth to enact social change. His vision is clear: to empower every young person to become a change maker in their own community.

In addition to his role at Spring Communities, Hardy has a rich history of community engagement, having served as a former Curator of the Global Shapers Community Bujumbura Hub and as a Global Youth Ambassador alumni for Theirworld.
In 2023, he was selected as an African Visionary Fellow by the Segal Family Foundation joining a community of stellar proximate leaders of African organizations. This year 2024, he has got a Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Hardy holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a minor in Fiscal Decentralization and Local Finance from The Hague Academy for Local Governance, further enriching his understanding of sustainable development practices. Hardy’s commitment to social impact has not gone unnoticed, as he was recognized by local media company Yaga as one of the top 10 Burundian youth making a difference in 2020.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Hardy finds solace in activities such as swimming, hiking, and spending quality time with his friends and family, balancing his passion for community service with personal fulfillment.