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Ange Aniella Ingabire

Field Manager, Bakure Neza Project

Ange Aniella Ingabire is a dynamic professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Management from International Leadership University (2017-2020). She has a dedicated and passionate background in administrative support and humanitarian coordination, driven by a commitment to education, gender equality, and youth empowerment.

Her journey in the development sector began with volunteering at SPRING COMMUNITIES, where she actively contributed to community initiatives from 2017 to 2020. She has a proven track record in administrative support as an Administrative and Finance Assistant and in humanitarian initiatives as Field Manager of the BAKURE NEZA project, funded by Save the Children, and the IMPROVING WELL-BEING project, funded by Foundation Museke.

Ange Aniella Ingabire’s professional journey is impressive and impactful. Through her experiences, she has gained valuable skills in project management, stakeholder engagement, and community outreach. She has developed strong interpersonal skills and learned the importance of collaboration and empathy in achieving sustainable social impact. These roles have deepened her passion for community development and strengthened her dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others.