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Alice Kankindi

Field manager

Alice has been passionate and committed to promoting women’s leadership since 2016. She served as Vice Legal Representative for the Association for the Promotion of Burundian Girls.

Engaged in combating violence against women and girls by raising awareness among men, traditionally seen as perpetrators, to promote gender equality. That’s why Kankindi Alice was appointed Youth Coordinator in Burundi to represent Burundian youth within the MenEngage Africa Network since 2017 and a member of the Youth Reference Group in the MenEngage Alliance network.

Caring, ambitious, and pleasant, with perfect knowledge of youth mentoring and community engagement, Alice Kankindi currently serves as Field Manager under the 5-year “Empowering Youth Together” program at SPRING COMMUNITIES, with the role to inspire, guide, and encourage young members of the supervised structures called “Hub d’Inspiration” by the project, which are spaces for learning and development enabling young people to acquire the necessary skills to address community problems.

Alice completed her bachelor’s degree in Clinical and Social Psychology at Universit√© des Grands Lacs. She also received a NUFFIC OPK Scholarship for the course on Civic Participation and Inclusive Governance at the Hague Academy for Local Governance in The Hague, Netherlands.

Alice has been with Spring Communities since 2018.