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Ihabwiteka Christella Ellenita

Executive Assistant

Christella Ellenita Ihabwiteka assumes the role of Administrative Assistant at Spring Communities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Administration from the Université Lumière de Bujumbura, which has given her a solid knowledge base in business management.

With additional training in Project Management and Development Planning, she has developed essential skills to ensure the proper functioning of day-to-day operations at Spring Communities. Her journey with Spring Communities began as a volunteer in 2019, while working for another organization. She then landed a 6-month professional internship with Spring Communities, where her commitment has led her to hold the position of Administrative Assistant since 2023.

Apart from her professional activities, Christella Ellenita is also co-founder of a party decorating house in Bujumbura and has a passion for writing and reading.
Her adaptability and dedication make her an asset to Spring Communities.