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Ndacayisaba Coca Epitace

Communications Manager

Burundian humanitarian photographer and passionate storyteller, Epitace is much more oriented towards portraying communities’ stories through images to support, protect and defend the fundamental rights of children and young people using organizational, communication and public relations skills.

Debuting as a volunteer in Spring Communities, he acquired experience in the communication sector through varied encounters on the field and numerous projects such as “Improving Access to Education and Well-being to Children” funded by Street Child UK, “Empowering Youth Together” funded by KIYO, a Belgian NGO, and “Éducation à la Santé et au Bien Être des Adolescents et Jeunes” funded by Unicef Burundi. He also got involved in a training course on “Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance” provided by the Hague Academy for Local Governance in the Netherlands.

Epitace believes that being in the service of the next generation of leaders by raising their awareness through media and offering them access to tools and empowering them with knowledge is the best way for him to do it as he observes and documents the life changing experience of children and young people from low-income families.