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Oswald Ndacayisaba

Empowering Youth together, Project Manager

Oswald holds a Master’s degree in Socio-Anthropology, following his studies in Clinical and Social Psychology as well as Philosophy. His expertise primarily focuses on mental health, cognitive and behavioral psychology of children and adolescents in learning situations, EMDR approach, socio-anthropological research, trauma management, and child protection.

As a clinical psychologist and EMDR practitioner since 2019, and an author since 2016, Oswald has been actively involved in Spring Communities since 2019, providing consultancy by training and enhancing the capacities of mental health practitioners.
Within Spring Communities, his main interests and expertise as a psychologist and children’s rights advocate lie in finding sustainable solutions to mental health issues, learning difficulties, and trauma experienced by children, adolescents, and their parents.

In this organization, as a psychotherapist, he offers diagnosis and clinical support for psychosocial issues, trauma, learning, and mental health among children and adolescents, as well as family and systemic therapies. Through para-academic training on trauma support, parental burnout, and various psychotherapeutic approaches, he efficiently navigates the context of mental health, behavior, and education-learning of children and adolescents.

Since 2019, within Spring Communities, Oswald NDACAYISABA has led numerous projects, including the project combating the spread of Covid-19: “SINANDURA KANDI SINANDUZA”; Project for psychosocial support for children and youth living with disabilities: “Safe, Inclusive, and Protective School”; Project for psychosocial support for children and youth: “RAMURIRA UBURUNDI”.
With his creative talent,

Oswald NDACAYISABA is the author of two books, one titled “Who am I? How do others see me?” A manual for psychosocial support in the Burundian context, and another titled “Why does the other persist in my presence?”

Currently, Oswald NDACAYISABA is the coordinator of a five-year youth empowerment program: Empowering Youth Together.