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Hervé Burakeye

Finances & Human Resources Manager

Hervé has been a member of the staff since 2020. Inspired from a young age by the industrial society in which he grew up, he has always aspired to become a business manager. He began honing his skills at BASHIRAHISHIZE, an accounting and tax consulting firm, where he later worked part-time. After completing his secondary education at Lycée du Saint Esprit de Bujumbura, he and his former classmates founded ABBE (Action for the Well-Being of Children), an association dedicated to helping children in vulnerable communities with education and health. He serves as a volunteer program manager at ABBE. His experience in accounting and the non-profit sector led him to join Spring Communities as the Administration, Finance, and Human Resources Manager.

His passion for numbers and analytical skills prompted him to pursue higher education in Management and Administration at Université Lumière de Bujumbura, as well as in Rural Economics and Agro-Food Business Management at the University of Burundi.