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Hashimwiyaturagiye Arclaine

Head of Hub Innovation

Arclaine HASHIMWIYATURAGIYE spearheads projects focused on recycling plastic waste to empower young individuals socio-economically. With a strong background in Public Economics and Planning, Arclaine is equipped with skills in business plan development and small business management.

In her role, she efficiently manages the Hub Innovation’s activities and conducts engaging plastic waste recycling workshops in schools. Arclaine’s commitment to environmental sustainability is exemplified through her participation in COP28 and her remarkable achievements, including winning prestigious awards in the environmental sector. These include the Innovation Week award by UNDP Burundi, the Light Award by Université Lumière de Bujumbura, the Shika Award by Burundi Business Incubator, and recognition in an innovative ideas competition on climate change mitigation.

Arclaine is driven by her passion for the environment and her dedication to fostering entrepreneurial leadership. She has been with Spring Communities since 2020.