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Kwizera Aloysie success story

Kwizera Aloysie is a 35-year-old Burundian woman living in the Gitwa district of the Buterere zone. A single mother of four children, two of whom go to school, Aloysie is a beneficiary of the Improving Well Being for Education project.

Having met JSBM in 2019 who trained her on the savings and credit mechanism and helped her and other women start a solidarity group, Aloysie is now a canteen cook for this project.

Abandoned by her husband to marry another in the interior of the country, Aloysie raises her 4 children alone. Since the project, Aloysie has her 4 children who are supported by the project. Two being in school, and benefiting from the canteen as well as school reinforcements in the project, the other two who are not in school can spend the day at the JSBM center with them and avoid hanging out in the streets of Buterere and rummaging in the trash.
Aloysie is also one of the women who supplies the canteen with food and this work provides her with a certain income allowing her to provide for the needs of her children and pay her rent. She plans to build her own house to be able to provide a roof over her head for her children and would like to save enough for this but cannot do so because she takes care of her 4 children alone.
She appreciates the initiative of the project thanks to which she can be with her children and be able to feed them. “I would like the program to continue because the changes it brings are numerous since the children who attend the Nanje Nobaho center come from very vulnerable families and have difficulty providing for their children,” explains Aloysie.

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