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Our work in the artistic center

Spring Communities has set up a vocational center for the intellectual and cultural development of young people. The center offers young people opportunities to discover their aspirations and talents. The center focuses on talent discovery through training and mentoring activities, as well as support initiatives to help young artists improve their social and economic status. 

Currently, the center presents the art company including:

  • Art of contemporary dance
  • Acrobatic art
  • Art of painting
  • Art of sculpture
  • Art of theater
  • Art of fashion

Recycled Art – Art Company

The art company has over 150 young people, both boys and girls, who receive training in artistic development. Capitalizing on the knowledge and skills they have acquired, they take part in creative residencies and exhibit their creations, which are even available for sale. For dancers and acrobats, they provide choreography services and take part in national competitions, where they have already won prizes. Painters and sculptors hold sales exhibitions. 

These young artists also use the ISANGE (feel at ease or feel free) approach to organize community events, and through the works they present, they contribute to raising awareness of themes linked to problems that threaten social cohesion and peace in the community. 

The artistic centre also promotes the art of recycling plastic waste, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in nature and improving the socio-economic status of young people through the sale of artistic products derived from this recycling. 

In addition to the artistic products manufactured, the recycling of plastic waste contributes to our strategy of school attendance to access quality education, by manufacturing pens based on recycled plastic waste.  

The young artists involved in recycling have already won 4 innovation and entrepreneurship awards for the innovative products they make. Spring Communities has set up a boutique for them to exhibit and sell these products derived from the recycling of plastic waste.  

To complement this art and recycling company, the artistic center has provided the young artists with a library and a computer room to keep them informed and resource themselves for greater impact.